James grew up in a half sport, half theatre household, his father; a passionate sports fan and his mother; a keen theatre lover. This is where James' love of both sport and the arts has come from, which particularly satisfied both parents when he made his professional theatre debut in Barassi - a play about AFL football. Despite his best efforts when younger, he was never going to become a professional soccer player so instead, decided to throw all of his eggs into the arts' basket. 

He was born in London, grew up in Singapore until the age of 10 and has lived in Melbourne ever since. He has professionally trained as an actor, vocalist and dancer since an early age. James has studied many styles of music, including classical, pop, rock, choral and music theatre as well as training in ballet, jazz, tap and ballroom. He was also a student with the Victorian Youth Theatre under the tutelage of Tony Nikolakopoulos and the Young Australian Broadway Chorus under Mathew Frank and Jacqui Green for almost 10 years. 

James attended the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School majoring in Trumpet and Voice. After graduating from VCASS, James was immediately accepted into the Arts Academy, University of Ballarat. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts In Musical Theatre at the end of 2013. During 2012, James travelled to New York City to study at the prestigious CAP21; one of the City's top musical theatre conservatories. 

Since graduating from the Arts Academy, James has fortunate enough to work with some of Australia's top professionals in all areas of the industry. He continues to explore everything he can about the arts. 

Please enjoy!